Used paper refers to newspapers, magazines, paperboard (so-called corrugated cardboard), etc. that have been circulated and used once in the market and are to be recycled.
Our company exports waste paper collected in Japan to Southeast Asian countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan.

OCC:Old Corrugated Carton

Corrugated cardboard generated from offices, homes, the city, etc.

OMG: Magazines

Magazines, catalogs and similar printed matter on coated paper

ONP : Old Newspaper

Waste paper, including selected newspapers and other acceptable papers, primarily voluntary and curbside collection

SOP: Sorted Office Paper

Mainly unbleached fiber-free white or colored fine paper,
especially recovered from offices

PCMC (Poly Coated Milk Carton)

Milk cartons collected from schools and homes


Shavings and punching of white paperboard, chipboard, etc. generated from folding carton factories, etc., and used paper boxes

KCB : Kraft Carrier Bag

Craft waste paper used for simple packaging of craft carry-back beer, etc.
Mainly packaged bottled beer, etc., and lined up in stores

KGB : Kraft Grocery Bag

Wrapping paper, paper bags, square bottom bags, envelopes, heavy bags
(sugar, rice, cement, fertilizer, rice, wheat, used for large bags for agricultural products, etc.)

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